High Roller Bonuses


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High Roller. You may have read these two words before on your online casino adventures, but what are high roller bonuses?

High roller bonuses are special big money bonuses for both playing and withdrawing.

If you are one of those who bet big, this is your place.

Not all casinos have this special product, as it is an option where significant amounts of money are moved and is not accessible to just any player.

For the bonus to be considered a high roller, it has to potentially pay out a large amount of cash, which allows large bets to be made. The casino also provides maximum security and ease when moving money around.

Here we are going to go into detail about what these bonuses consist of, their main characteristics, and everything you need to know about high roller bonuses.

What are high roller bonuses?

high roller casino

As you have read before, these are bonuses that offer significant amounts of money, and are designed for high rollers.

The term high roller is the most used, although you can also read or hear these players referred to as whales, big shots or VIP clients.

Their conditions are similar, or in many cases the same, as any other deposit bonus or casino welcome bonus, after clarification of the extra monetary benefits they provide.

That is why not all casinos offer enough money with their promotions for them to be considered high rollers.

These bonuses are primarily intended for live casino games, especially roulette, where players are in a physical casino environment with live dealers, and the games require high stakes.


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Coming with such special conditions, these types of bonuses offer a series of advantages and characteristics that you will not be able to commonly find among the rest of casino promotions on offer:

  • The main one is the amount of the bonus received, and not just what you receive for making the deposit
  • Besides, on many occasions, with being highly appreciated customers, casinos will offer special events to these types of players to retain them
  • High roller players can be rewarded with promotions and an exclusive VIP treatment, adjusting to their demands and offering seriousness and the best possible playing conditions
  • And although the casinos have loyalty and VIP programs for everyone, high roller players will not receive these standard conditions, but advanced rewards will be tailored to the high roller

Sometimes these bonuses are not advertised normally among the rest of the online casino content.

You have to know how to find and select the ideal place to bet large sums of money.

Above, you have a good selection of casinos that offer very competitive high roller bonuses. That’s where you can start.

Something to keep in mind are the conditions of each particular bonus.

Do not get carried away by first impressions, which are usually motivated by a large amount of money within the deposit, and read all the terms and conditions before choosing an offer.

Payment Methods

Another important issue that the VIP player or high roller must assess is payment methods. This entails both the way to withdraw and deposit money in a casino, as well as the facilities and movement limits that they allow.

Of course, all the payment methods that legal casinos in Canada work with are completely safe and reliable, but some are more recommended than others – especially when it comes to the amounts of money you can move.

The main routes are:

  • Credit or debit cards, which usually offer high money limits
  • Online bank transfers
  • Payments through systems such as Skrill or Neteller that provide great reliability and, again, movements of large amounts of cash practically instantly


To finish with the high roller bonuses, a series of concepts must always be taken into account to avoid problems.

First of all, never trust non-legalized casinos.

They can offer implausible bonuses or spectacular conditions, but by not being governed under the protection of any type of legislation, you will be exposed to possible scams and fraud. Always trust legal online casinos in Canada.

Read the fine print of each voucher carefully, and analyze each of the conditions to arrive at the most convenient high roller offer for you.

And of course, always play responsibly.

High roller bonuses are no joke, and if you are willing to start with one, keep in mind the monetary demands that they entail.