Live Blackjack


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Who said you can’t enjoy blackjack from home? Live all the excitement of this famous game with live dealers, and enjoy it as if you were in a physical casino.

In blackjack, you should try to total 21 points or as close to this amount as possible with the cards that the dealer deals you. With live blackjack, you will experience the feeling of being in a casino, and facing an opponent, who in this case is the dealer himself.

What is Live Blackjack?

Live blackjack consists of nothing more than playing a live blackjack game and facing a live dealer.

The dealer will be in charge of running the game, by shuffling the cards and distributing them. He or she will also be your opponents in the game, by performing the banking function. You must beat his or her hand to win.

With live dealers you get to immerse yourself in a realistic environment that makes you feel like you’re in a real casino, all without leaving the place you choose to play from. This way, you can add the excitement of a real casino to the convenience of the online version, which allows you to enjoy your games without schedules and without having to go anywhere.

You can play through the screen of your computer, tablet, or mobile thanks to the technology available with online casinos. Through sophisticated software, they will deliver the game with all the emotion of a physical casino.

This is done through the live signal from a physical casino, or a room specially designed for live blackjack games, which broadcast every detail so that you do not miss anything.

How to play Live Blackjack

Live blackjack games are played in the same way as any online blackjack game, with the great advantage of the real casino environment. But first of all, let’s see the specific characteristics of a game of this type.

Live Blackjack Rules

The goal is to total 21 with your cards, or get as close to this figure as possible without going overboard. Your opponent will be the dealer, so you must analyze each of the steps to carry out the best strategy during the game.

This is one of the great advantages of live blackjack: being able to see the dealer’s face, gestures, reactions and, above all, being able to start a conversation in real time with him or her. In addition, in the casinos that have this option, you can also talk to the other players in the game.

And not only that, because if you decide to be present at the live blackjack game without playing, you can bet on the victory or defeat of the other players’ hands in front of the dealer.

Focusing on the game itself, the first step is to place your bet, which is called ante. You must place it on the table and it will mark the possible future winnings that you will get if you win the hand. Of course, the higher the bet, the higher the prize will also be.

Next comes the time to deal the cards. The dealer will deal you two cards face up. He will also deal two cards, one face up and one face down.

Then it is time to decide. You can stand if you think your hand is good enough to beat the dealer’s. You can also ask for another card if you think it is still not enough.

Another option is to double your bet, receiving one more card in hand. Finally, and if you have a pair of cards with a value of 10, you can divide the hand in two and you will receive two more cards, one for each hand.

Once your play is finished, the dealer will decide what to do with his hand, and the winner of the game will be revealed.

It is important to know the value of each of the cards, this being its real numerical value from 2 to 10, ten if it is J, Q, or K and if we talk about the ace, it will be worth 11 or 1, depending on what suits you best.

There are also different circumstances that can vary the run of the game, such as the values ​​of the dealer’s cards, which may force him to ask for an extra card or to stand directly.

Review each of the commands available in the game well and, of course, the rules of the game. There may be different live blackjack rooms where one or another variant of this famous card game is played.

Is there Live Blackjack for free anywhere?

The free live blackjack demo does not exist, given the cost involved in organizing and conducting these games (real dealers, physical casinos, live broadcasts etc.).

A good alternative if you want to start practicing is to try blackjack for free with the demo version of Casino Alto. Here you will not run any kind of risk, and you will be able to improve your skills.

Once you feel like you’re in control of the game, we advise you to take advantage of some of the casino’s no deposit bonuses. These are nothing more than free money for the simple fact of registering, and you can use them in your live blackjack games. Remember to always go step by step and not rush when betting your own money.

Once you master the game, there is no other choice but to enjoy it, yet always with a calm head and responsibility. And of course, may luck be with you at the gaming tables.