Jackpot Poker

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Name: Jackpot Poker
Developer: Play’n GO
Game Type: Video Poker
Rules: Not Available
Strategy: Not Available



Play poker for free with this demo version of Jackpot Poker. From here, you can play directly without having to download anything or register.

The Goal of the Game

The aim to be achieved in Jackpot Poker is to get the best possible combination of cards according to the type of combinations you are able to obtain in traditional poker. The higher the trick, the greater the prize to be won by the user. The player has two chances in each game, since a discard is allowed.

How to play Jackpot Poker

In this free online game, the player must try to get the highest possible hand within those allowed in traditional poker. Before starting the game, the user will place his bet with the regulators in the bottom part of the screen, and once he has done this he can select the button to distribute.

The five cards that appear face down in the center of the screen will be turned over, and under each one of them will appear the “hold” button. The client can discard the cards that he wants and have the dealer distribute again so that new ones come out with potentially better combinations.

Of the five cards he can keep as many as he wants, including the entire quintet. What is important is to emphasize that you must click on the ones you want to keep and once you give them back to distribute, the discarded ones will be replaced by others at random. After the second deal, the player will keep what they have whether it is a winning hand or not.

If the trick does not carry a prize, chip bets will be lost. But if it does come with one, two paths are opened for the player. On the one hand accumulating the chips is possible, and, on the other, you can try to benefit from the jackpot. If the second option is chosen, the screen will change to one of extra prizes and a single card will appear face down in the middle.

The bettor must choose the number of credits that he has previously earned and choose between color (red or black) or suit (hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs). In the first case, the chance percentage of success is 50% and therefore the prize is lower than if you bet on the second case, in which the chances of success are reduced to 25%.

After selecting the bet, you can choose the deal button again and a card will appear. If it enters the market chosen by the player, it will earn more credits or otherwise will lose them. All prizes and extras can be viewed in the prize table at the top of the main screen. It also lists all the possible plays: jacks or better (pair of J or higher), Two Pair , Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

Along with all this, there are different buttons on the game screen. These are:

  • Deal: Deals and turns over the cards that are available at all times
  • Coin Value: Indicates the value of each chip bet
  • Coins/Hand: Indicates the amount of chips to be bet per hand
  • Coins: The number of chips that the player has
  • Bet: The total bet value of the hand
  • Balance: Shows the difference between chips won and total losses
  • Win: Indicates the amount won in each hand played
  • Hold: When activated it keeps the selected card
  • Collect: It collects the chips won and accumulates them in the player’s winnings
  • Gamble: Activates the jackpot phase of the game, once chips are won
  • Red: Selects a bet on red in the extra phase
  • Black: Selects a bet on black in the extra phase
  • Heart: Selects a bet on hearts in the extra phase
  • Diamond: Selects a bet on diamonds in the extra phase
  • Clubs: Selects a bet on clubs in the extra phase
  • Spades: Selects a bet on spades in the extra phase