Jacks or Better Multi-Hand

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Name: Jacks or Better Multi-Hand
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Cards
Rules: Not available
Strategy: Not available



Play Jacks or Better Multi-Hand online for free, and without registering or having to download anything.

The Goal of the Game

In Jacks or Better Multi-Hand, a game that you can find in the best online casinos, you must get a winning combination of five cards. You can choose the number of hands you play with, and each one uses a different deck of cards.

How to play Jacks or Better Multi-Hand

You must look for the best possible hand to win, as in other poker games. You can choose how many cards you have clicked that you want to replace, but you can only do it once. The first thing is to select how many hands you want to play with, since in this version there can be more than one. Select the hands with the commands that you will find in the upper left corner. You can only change the number at the beginning of a round.

Now you have to choose the value of the currency you will use, by clicking on the “+” and “-“ buttons at the bottom of the screen. With Bet or Bet Max you select the number of coins (one at a time or as many as possible). You can also specify one bet per hand.

With Draw you can replace the cards that you have chosen not to keep. After they are replaced, your cards are checked to see if there is a winning combination (in the Paytable that is in the Info section you have all the combinations).

If you are playing with ten or more hands, click on one of them and you will have a drop-down view of it. The winnings they have are added to the bets with Gamble (you double the win if you win in the next round).

If you win a hand you can try Doubling, which consists of accepting the win (by clicking Collect) or doubling the bet (with Double). If you double down, the dealer will give you one up and four down cards to choose from. If you pick one that gives you a lower combination, you lose the original win. If you tie, you can either take the original win or double again. If you win you get double.

There is also the option to double only half of your winnings. In any case, doubling down is always considered a new round of play.

Other useful commands are Bet Max, which bets five coins and deals, Bet, which adds a coin, Deal to deal, Draw to substitute cards and Hold to keep the ones that interest you.

To know the winning combinations if you are not familiar with the game, we recommend you visit Info, which also tells you the rules of the classic game Jacks or Better so that you can understand it better too.