Jacks or Better

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Name: Jacks or Better
Developer: Play’n GO
Game Type: Cards
Rules: Not available
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Play the popular card game Jacks or Better completely free, without the need to download and or register.

The Goal of the Game

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular casino games. Your goal here will be to get a five-card poker hand that contains a winning combination. The better your hand, the bigger your prize.

How to play Jacks or Better

A deck of 52 cards is used in this game, and they are returned to the deck and shuffled at the end of each round.

Choose the value of the coin which you are going to bet with by clicking on + and in the commands that are at the bottom left of the screen. To place the coins in your bet, click Bet One or Bet Max. This way the number of coins is selected. With Bet Max, you put the maximum amount on, which is five coins, and the cards are dealt automatically.

For the cards to be dealt, in any case, hit Deal. After looking at your cards, choose which ones you want to keep by clicking on them. Hit Deal again to replace the cards you don’t wish to keep. If you don’t have a winning hand, the round is over and you can start again. If your round is a winner, you can do several things.

Keep in mind that the lowest combination allowed is a pair of Jacks. Anything under, such as tens, will not be a winning combination.

As said, you have several options if you win. You can Double, or accept your prize by clicking Collect. With this, the dealer shows one card up and you are given four down. If you choose one of those cards, and it is less than the one facing up, you lose your original bet. If you spin it and it’s higher, you earn double your original win. After that you can collect your winnings or hit Double again.

You can also double as little as one half of your winnings with Double Half. That way you deposit half of the win in your account and bet with the rest. If the figure can’t be divided exactly by two, the smaller part will be used for betting, and the rest will be saved.

The paytable, or Paytable, can be consulted at any time to know your winnings, use the multipliers that are established in it, and apply them to your bet. You can also control the volume with the speaker button.