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Name: Keno
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Bingo
Rules: Not available
Strategy: Not available

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Play this online version of Keno, the popular game of Chinese origin, totally free, without downloading or registering.

Goal of the Game

In this lottery-like game, your goal to win is to select the numbers and place them on a card and then match the numbers the system chooses.

The main difference with bingo is that you choose how many numbers you want and which ones, you do not buy a card that already has a preset combination.

How to play Keno

First select between two and ten numbers on the keno table (the grid you have on the game screen) by clicking on them. If you change your mind about a number, just click it again with the mouse and it will be deselected. If you want to start over since you are not satisfied with any of the numbers, go to the Clear command, which will deselect all the numbers.

On the left side, next to the number grid, you have the pay table. As you can see, it depends a lot on how many numbers you have selected.

Then you have to select the amount you want to bet on each round. For this you have the “+” and “” buttons at the bottom left. Between these two symbols the different possible values ​​of your bet will appear. Once you have it, you can start the game. For this you have the command Play One to play one round or Play Five to play five in a row.

When you hit the Play button, the action begins: from a “tube” located at the top of the screen the game, the numbers that the system randomly chooses fall. In total, twenty numbers stand out and, when they fall, are placed in their exact place on the card (since it is numbered from 1 to 80). If you have enough hits (matching your selection), you are paid according to what the pay table establishes. If you are playing a round of five games in a row, you will see the final results on the right side of the game screen.

Of course you can modify certain parts of the game’s settings: if you want to lower or raise the volume or even delete it, you have the Sound On / Off command at your disposal. There is also the Menu command that contains utilities such as game settings, information on Keno rules and much more.

You can also simply close the game screen thanks to the X symbol (X) in the upper right corner.