Premium Roulette French

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Name: Premium Roulette French
Developer: RTG
Game Type: Roulette
Rules: Not available
Strategy: Not available



Play classic casino in its French version. This Premium Roulette French game is available completely free of charge, without downloading or having to register.

The Goal of the Game

The goal of the game is simple. It is about predicting and betting on the place where the spinning ball will land on the roulette wheel, after finishing its journey.

How to play Premium Roulette French

The game table of this online roulette is very easy to understand. You will see on one hand that you can click the symbol of one chip or another to determine the value of the chips with which you are going to bet.

Then, with the mouse, go to the position where the number or combinations of numbers you want to bet on is located and click. The numbers you bet on will light up to make the game easier. Here you also have the “+” and “” commands to increase or decrease the value of the selected currency.

You will see on the table both the grid with the numbers and the combinations of numbers that you can choose: even, odd, columns, rows, dozens of the set of numbers, etc. As this is French Roulette, you will have 37 numbers from 0 to 36 (in American Roulette they also have the double zero “00”).

Once you have your bet and your choice has been made, hit Spin (this command will appear when you have done the previous steps) to start spinning. If you are not clear about your choice, you can click Clear Bet and delete the configured bets. You can also hit Double and double the bet you have made.

To stop the spin you can click Stop and, if you are playing automatically, the game will stop when you win a prize. The automatic option is determined by yourself. It can be between 1 and 99, with the buttons with the plus and minus symbols increasing and decreasing the value.

You can select a number to be determined by you from neighbors on both sides, by selecting the respective number (1, 2, 3 or 4). The Total Bet field will collect the joint bet.

In the help section you can also find a command that will let you take a look at the rules of French roulette if it presents you with any kind of doubt or problem.

On the bottom right, you will find two very interesting commands that contain individual drop-downs with typical bets of this game:

To bet on neighboring numbers (Neighbor Bets), click on the command with that name. Pick one, two, three, or four. If instead you activate Announce Bets, the dropdown is even longer and contains all these bets:

  • Neighbors of zero
  • Thirds of the cylinder
  • Orphans with horse stakes
  • Orphans at full stakes
  • Thirds
  • Neighbors of a number
  • Numbers ending in a certain digit