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Name: Online Roulette
Developer: Playtech
Game Type: Roulette
Rules: Not available
Strategy: Not available



Play a demo online version of Roulette – a classic casino game – for free and without any deposit. Besides this, you will not have to download anything on your computer or register.

The Goal of the Game

The objective is to predict where the ball will land once the spin of the roulette wheel stops, since it has a series of cells numbered from 0 to 36 where the ball can be stopped around its perimeter.

How to play Roulette

Playing this online roulette game without a deposit does not represent much difficulty. The pillars of the game are very simple and minimalist: there is only a roulette wheel and the table or mat with the bets placed on them.

You must start by betting and you have many possibilities to choose from. You can choose the numbers according to their location on the grid drawn on the mat (by columns or by rows), and you will also see another diagram next to the grid where the “neighbors” bets are.

Examine the chips that you have at your fingertips and choose the one with the value of your choice. Remember that this is a free version of the game and you don’t have to worry about your finances. With the mouse, you can click on the chosen chip. And each time you click on it, a chip of that value will be added.

After this, you just have to establish which bets you are going to make. Different bets will be highlighted until you click on the one you decide and the coins will appear on the number(s). If you want to add more coins to that amount or to another bet, it will not be difficult since you just have to choose coins and place them.

You have the Double command to double your bet (multiply it by two), but if you change your mind, you can hit Undo to cancel the command. Therefore, with Undo, the bet disappears and you can start over. If you want to modify all the bets placed, hit Clear Bets, which, as its name indicates, “clears” the table of bets.

Once everything is the way you want it, pressing Spin will spin the roulette wheel, while a small screen opens that informs you and remembers your bets and everything you have won so far. After finishing the spin and stopping the ball, you can hit Double & Spin or Rebet to double your bet and spin, or to re-bet.