Among the range of new payment methods that have emerged, AstroPay has become one of the most attractive for online casino users in Canada. It is an alternative that offers deposits quickly and with high security standards, to the point that it stands out as one of the most famous methods in the online gambling market.

AstroPay is a company that was founded in Uruguay in 2009, as a response to geographic limitations for making purchases on international sites. Its idea was to provide a secure solution to the public to make payments and transactions and not be exposed to fraud, theft or rejected payments. It is also a perfect alternative for those who do not have a credit card.


How do you get an AstroPay account?

AstroPay’s virtual card is simple to acquire and does not cost a penny. All you have to do is to go to their official page and create your account. Once this is done, you can choose the value of the card and the currency of your country.

By completing all these fields, you will be able to purchase your AstroPay card. Your payment confirmation and all the details of your new card will arrive to your email address. You must consider that it is a prepaid card and is not rechargeable, so you must be careful when choosing the value of your card. Once the balance of your AstroPay Card is finished, it will no longer be valid.

You will have one year to use your AstroPay card, so after that time frame, you will not be able to use the funds that you did not use before the expiration date.

What are the advantages in using AstroPay as my payment method?

  • The platform guarantees security for its clients, so your bank details will not be shared with anyone
  • Transactions are very fast, similar to a cash deposit
  • It allows you to make payments in Canadian dollars, regardless of whether you have accounts on international gaming platforms or not

What are the disadvantages in using AstroPay as my payment method?

  • As it is a prepaid card, you cannot use it to make withdrawals
  • It is not rechargeable, hence, you must choose the exact value that will fit your needs
  • It is valid for one year. All funds in your prepaid card that are not used within this time frame may be frozen by AstroPay

How do you make a deposit with AstroPay?

AstroPay is responsible for providing the connection between the casino and your bank, so you must check and confirm your deposit.

You must enter the site of your chosen casino in your browser and access the payment methods section. There you should choose AstroPay for deposits, and, once done, you can select the bank you use within its selection of establishments. This will redirect you to your bank’s portal. Choose the value you want to deposit on your prepaid card and confirm. Once this is done, your funds will have been enabled from your bank account to your AstroPay card, and you can use it to deposit and start playing at your favorite casino.