Interac is an online payment method in Canada and one of the fastest-emerging new options for rapid and secure payments with online casinos.

It is a secure method that offers electronic transfers from the bank of your choice to an Interac account, which in turn makes the deposit to the player’s account with the casino. It is a safe alternative, since there is no risk of an overdraft, and payments are made only if there is money in the account.

This network of services was launched in Canada in 1984 and is responsible for the development of electronic financial services in the second largest country in the world. Among its services are its Interac Direct Payment debit card, which is valid for goods and services. It also offers wire transfers to anyone with an email address and bank account.

Interac can be used in casinos connected to any electronic device, whether it is a PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet or Smartphone. Its services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, all transfers are safe and users’ bank details are protected, which makes it one of the best-rated options today thanks to the speed and confidentiality with which it works.


How does Interac work?

It is a fairly simple payment method to use. There is a single fee for each wire transfer, which helps you send the desired amount and know exactly what the fee will be.

While some banks add a small fee, this depends on who you are banking with.

As far as casinos are concerned, Interac has the advantage of not only serving as a deposit method, as casino winnings can also be withdrawn to an Interac account and from there to the bank account – making it an excellent alternative to others that only serve for income.

What are the advantages of using Interac as a payment method?

  • Payments made to casinos take place instantly, which means quick and easy transfers
  • The money deposited in a casino account can be used almost immediately
  • Adding new funds is easy, so you won’t run out of funds to play with
  • There is guaranteed security against overdrafts, by only using the balance that exists in an Interac account

What are the disadvantages of using Interac as a payment method?

  • Not all casinos accept it

Yes, you only need a bank account and an Interac account to make electronic transfers.

Yes. The software used by Interac is encrypted, so transfers are safe. In addition, your data will not be shared with the casino, despite the constant work between the bank and the casino.

When the casino receives the funds, the casino may charge a small fee (from Interac) or they may cover this cost. You will be charged a small fee when you receive funds to your Interac account.

No. Many online casinos will start to accept it in the coming months due to its efficiency, but not all of them have implemented its use yet.