Currently no casino offers to deposit or withdraw with PayPal. You can do it with any other payment method that we offer here in Casino Alto.

When we talk about Paypal, we are discussing the most-used online payment method worldwide to make purchases and payments online. This is due to the ease, speed and security offered by the service. It is also one of the most widely-used cash deposit methods in the online casino industry, hence the vast majority of casino operators offer it.

Paypal has its origins in the United States, where it was founded in 1998 as part of PayPal Holdings Inc – a company now owned by eBay, the giant of online purchases. At the time of its founding, it was named Confinity, and it was not until 2001 after the merger with, a banking company owned by Elon Musk, that it would receive its current nomenclature.

In 2002, it was acquired by eBay given the competition it had with the payment platform of this company named BillPoint. Its rise was meteoric with hugely successful marketing campaigns, and today it is one of the largest and most powerful payment companies in the world.


How do you open a PayPal account?

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, opening one is very simple. You just need to go to their website and follow a few simple steps.

First, press the button “Create a free account” in the central part of the screen. Then you must choose whether your account will be a personal or business one.

Then, you must fill in the form with your personal data (country, name, email and password), and just by accepting the terms and conditions and activating your account through the email they will send you, you will be ready to start using PayPal.

In the next step, you must add a credit card to your PayPal account.

How do you add a credit card to your PayPal account?

To add a debit or credit card to your PayPal account, follow these simple steps:

First, log in to your account by pressing the button on the top right, and fill in your username and password. In the top bar, click the “My portfolio” button.

Afterwards, you will find several options. On the left, there will be an option for linking a card or a bank account to your PayPal account. Press the option you need and just by filling in the data, everything will then be linked.

How do you deposit and withdraw funds from online casinos using your PayPal account?

Depositing money to online casinos with Paypal is very easy.

Once you have registered at the casino, and have logged in, you will need to find the deposit page and choose PayPal.

Then select the amount you wish to deposit, and on the next page you will be asked to log into your PayPal account.

You can then make a payment using the balance you have (if you have any) in your account, or choose the card or bank account that you have supplied to add funds. Once you make the payment, the casino will confirm it.

To withdraw money is even easier. You just have go to the casino’s withdrawal page and select PayPal.

Enter your PayPal ID (your email address or username), then request the amount you want to withdraw to your account.

After two to three business days, you will receive the money in your bank account.

What are the advantages of using PayPal?

There are plenty of advantages in using PayPal with online casinos:

  • It is safe: It’s true that you must enter your account or card details, but once that’s done, you will not have to do it again and they will be encrypted under a complex security system
  • It is free: Signing up is completely free, and you won’t have to pay any type of monthly or annual fee
  • It is flexible: You can link several debit or credit cards so that your payments will always be accepted. You do not need to have a balance in your PayPal account, since when you purchase, the money will be deducted directly from the card you have registered
  • You can withdraw money: You can send and receive money and, in the case of online casinos, you can withdraw your winnings to your PayPal account and then use that money or send it to your bank account
  • Instant currency exchange: There is a commission, but you can perform a currency exchange instantly
  • Disputes: If you have any type of problem with the product purchased or the amount paid in any store, open a dispute and PayPal will be in charge of verifying if everything has gone correctly or not.

What are the disadvantages of using PayPal?

  • Disputes: Certain types of people paralyze payments in transactions and take advantage of the buyer protection that PayPal offers in order to gain an advantage
  • Commissions: In certain countries depending on the transaction you carry out, there may be commissions to pay, although normally they will always be lower than the ones charged by a bank
  • Falsifications: Be very careful with the places that pose as PayPal. Make sure you are always on the official PayPal website.