PaysafeCard is an online payment method which, according to their website, is “as easy and safe as paying with cash”.

These are prepaid cards that work without the need to provide bank details or credit card numbers. You should not reveal this information at any time, so it can be said that it is like paying in cash. Wertkarten AG is an Austrian company founded in 2000 that currently sells its cards at more than 650,000 points of sale around the world. Its motto is “Play it safe”, and by using the company’s services, you are betting on a completely reliable payment method since you do not have to provide any type of personal information. This makes depositing with online casinos something very quick and easy.

Internationalization has been their objective after becoming leaders in Europe in the sector of their payment method. Their expansion process is working, and they already operate in numerous countries outside the “Old Continent”. In addition, they have adapted their services to mobile device users since 2011 and developed their app for smartphones for free, which is available for iOS and Android.

In their internationalization journey, they have already covered almost the entire planet and their products continue to gain followers due to the simplicity of their operation. PaysafeCard is supported by online casinos, online businesses, social media or travel sites.

In Canada you can buy the PaysafeCard online, as well as at many local businesses.


Which are the PaysafeCard products?

PaysafeCard: You can buy your PaysafeCard prepaid card at any duly authorized physical or online point of sale. There are different values to suit your needs. You will receive a 16-digit pin with your card, which will be your method of payment.

My PaysafeCard: Store all your Paysafecard pins in one place, which you access with your username and password. It requires registration, and you must save the pins of the cards that you have been buying in order to manage everything from there. You can also benefit from PLUS loyalty for the use of your Paysafecard.

PaysafeCard Mastercard: Order your card and recharge it with the amounts you want online without linking it to any bank account. Mastercard is accepted by the vast majority of businesses and shops.

What are the advantages of using Paysafecard?

  • You do not need to provide any personal or banking information at any time
  • As a prepaid card, what you enter will be what you can spend. It is a good way to have your expenses under tighter control
  • You can block your card directly from their site if it has been lost or stolen
  • PaysafeCard is a free payment method for the entire first year of use
  • There are numerous points of sale in almost any corner of the Canadian national territory. On the PaysafeCard website, they include a point of sale search engine based on postal code, town or address
  • On its website, you can find promotions for its users – trips, mypaysafecard welcome bonuses or premium accounts in online music providers. Then there is the PLUS loyalty program
  • The income and payment limits are very low, thus giving access to their cards to consumers with lower purchasing power

What are the disadvantages of the PaysafeCard?

  • If you accumulate 13 months without spending all your balance, PaysafeCard begins to charge you a monthly fee (it deducts it from the remaining balance)
  • If you opt for a refund of the balance posted to your account, this can take up to 11 days
  • You can only contact PaysafeCard through an online form, as there is no phone number or email provided

How do you deposit in an online casino with PaysafeCard?

It is a very simple payment method. When you have purchased your PaysafeCard product, whether physical or online, go to the Canadian online casino where you have chosen to play and go to the corresponding page to deposit.

Choose PaysafeCard (make sure of the availability of this payment method first), the amount to deposit, and enter your PIN number. You can check on the web how much you have left in your balance, and enter the PINs of however many cards you need for your deposit.

It is probably the safest and most convincing payment method for novice casino players or those who wish to start practicing just for fun, without compromising amounts of money that are perhaps more appropriate for experienced players.

In any case, there is also the option of the no deposit casino bonuses if you don’t want to start betting your own money. Use them to practice before entering with your Paysafecard or the payment method of your choice.