Credit/debit cards


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Credit and debit cards are the most popular payment method on the planet. Millions of people have them, and their ease of use and security make them an excellent payment method.

They are issued by banks or financial entities to persons authorized to use them by signature. Their use in the online world is done through payment gateways, which encrypt the information of the card itself when entering the data to make any payment.

It is a completely safe way to pay. You just have to follow a few basic security instructions to avoid problems.

The main security processes are done through SSL encryption, which converts customer data and your account into a set of alphanumeric symbols to be decrypted by the user’s bank.

There are two types of card: credit and debit. If the card is a credit card, it will work as a means of financing, since the amount of money you spend will not be withdrawn immediately from your bank account.

In the case of debit cards, the amount is paid immediately at the time of the transaction.

There are many types of debit and credit card on the market, although the cards accepted in online casinos are usually VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


Tips when depositing with credit or debit cards

You do not have to worry when making online payments with your credit card, as long as you take a few security precautions as follows:

  • Avoid using your cards on public computers or terminals, as well as through public or open WiFi connections even on your own device
  • If you must use a public terminal, make sure to use your cards in private or incognito browsing, and erase any type of trace that may have remained in the way of numbers, passwords, codes…
  • Trust The gambling houses that we recommend are completely reliable, and your deposits with a credit or debit card can be made with complete peace of mind
  • The extra security of a website is provided by the https code of the URL. Make sure that “s” is there, then you can trust that online casino when using your card
  • Do not be suspicious if the online casino or merchant asks for the CVV data of your card. It is a code usually containing three numbers that you can find on the back of the card, and is necessary to complete transactions. With this, it is ensured that frontal data on your card is not enough for it to be used, in case someone has been able to see it or take a photo.

What are the advantages of using credit or debit cards?

Almost everything is an advantage when it comes to using a debit or credit card. Security systems are very high-level, your card is linked to your bank account, and you can set spending limits. Sometimes there are even promotions from banks for paying by card.

In addition, if you pay with a card in an online casino, you will also be able to withdraw the money that you win to the very same card.

What are the disadvantages of using credit or debit cards?

There are practically no downsides to using credit cards, as long as you follow the security tips that you have read about above.

For players who advance to using high roller casino bonuses, the only disadvantage is the limits set by current legislation. But in this case, as said, this will only affect players with very high purchasing power.

How do you deposit funds with your credit/debit card in online casinos?

This method is as easy and simple as any other payment system. Access your account with the online casino you play with, and go to the deposit section.

Once there, choose the debit or credit card option (make sure it is a type of card accepted by the casino), enter the amount with the required data (number, holder, expiration date, CVV) and then you are ready to play.

If you want to try your luck, or start practicing without gambling your own money yet, take a look at the no deposit casino bonuses offered by some of the casinos operating in Canada. Just by registering, you will receive an amount of money that can help you a lot if you are starting out or simply do not want to bet your own funds.