Mastercard Incorporated is an international company which originated from the merger between United California Bank, Wells Fargo, Crocker National Bank and Bank of California. Together, they formed the Interbank Card Association and created Master Charge: The Interbank Card.

Two years after the foundation of the ICA, an international alliance with Eurocard was made and later one with Access – an English card system – too, which made intercontinental financial transactions easier and expanded Mastercard worldwide.

Nowadays, there are millions of bank card users, and Mastercard is among the most-used since there are a large number of people that use their credit and debit cards.

Mastercard created and developed the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, also known as PCI DDS, with the purpose of helping people who use their cards, establishments, and service providers.

Furthermore, it has Site Data Protection (SDP) so that their customers are assured purchases will be safe.

Casinos Mastercard

Tips when using Mastercard

Payments made with Mastercard are completely safe, due to all the measures mentioned earlier, so don’t worry when you complete a transaction. Like with all credit and debit cards, you should exercise some caution to avoid falling for phishing or other types of fraud. The security that the company offers really provides peace of mind to its users.

  • Avoid using your banking data on computers with public or open Wi-Fi networks
  • If you use a computer in a cybercafe or office, make sure to do it in an anonymous tab so no traces of your data remain there
  • Trust, because the gaming sites we recommend are reliable
  • Trust the casino if they ask you for your CVV, since with this information they guarantee that the front data of your card is not enough to finish a transaction in case someone sees it.

What are the advantages of using a Mastercard?

Using a Mastercard has the same benefits of using any other credit card due to the high security standards that the banks, along with big financial companies, apply to each of their products and services.

Expenses can be monitored silently through the financial companies’ applications, and even if you’re planning on buying or depositing through your smartphone, a lot of banks have alreday started using virtual cards in order to avoid fraud.

What are the disadvantages of using a Mastercard?

Using a Mastercard has very few disadvantages. The most notable is that withdrawals tend to take a little more time to complete than with other methods. Depending on the type of card you use, there also can be a fee from your bank.

The good news is that the only way of running risks is not following the basic security tips of your card.

How do you make a deposit to online casinos with Mastercard?

It is one of the simplest payment methods available. Just log into the online casino’s website or application of your choice and choose the “Deposit” tab.

Once you’re there, you should pick the ‘Mastercard’ option. In some casinos, it appears right next to the VISA and Maestro option.

After choosing your payment method and clicking on it, you should insert the requested bank data (card number, expiration date, CVV etc), choose the amount you want to deposit, and that’s it. It’s time to start playing! Typically, using a Mastercard to deposit allows an amount to be credited immediately.

What are the differences between VISA and Mastercard?

There are very few differences between these two financial technology brands, other than the number of countries they’re accepted in.

If you are a VISA customer, you can pay with your card to over 30 million companies in 170 countries, while Mastercard is accepted by 24 million companies in 210 countries.

Another difference between the two brands is related to its discounts and promotions. In VISA’s case, it depends on each country’s customers’ spending habits, while Mastercard also has its promotions according to the country the customer is in. Also, however, they can be rewarded if they are loyal to their favorite brands.

Mastercard cards

Mastercard Standard

This is a card focused on customers who want to start a credit history, offering speed and safety during the process.

Mastercard Gold

Its goal is to facilitate routines and simplify the shopping processes, besides bringing benefits and offers that help to save money.

Mastercard Platinum

It brings the combination of global acceptance and benefits, especially when you’re traveling.

Mastercard World Elite

A customized card that offers what is really needed for an extraordinary experience.