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The most traditional payment method that you can find on a casino website is the bank transfer. It involves nothing more than sending money from one bank account to another, or physically depositing it from a bank branch into an account. You can sometimes find it under other names such as electronic draft or teledraft.

Today it is a widely-used medium, since it is no longer necessary to physically go to the bank and complete it. Now you can do it directly over the internet, and even from some banking apps, in absolute comfort.

Before, you had to go to the bank with the details of the account you wanted to transfer to, and wait for an employee to complete the process for you.

Fortunately, today, we only need to be connected online through our smartphone or computer and have at hand the passwords that our bank provides us for this purpose.

In addition, it is a completely safe process, since you only have to deal with the bank itself.


General tips for using bank transfers

  • Avoid using public devices or terminals to make transfers, since you will have to enter your data, which may be exposed
  • In the event of any suspicious activity on the web ( in that you are asked for a an unusual number of passwords, for example), contact your bank to make sure that you are not a victim of phishing (identity theft).
  • Try to store your account information away from your login details, so that you won’t have to regret it later should you lose this data
  • Always make sure you are on the bank’s official website. If you are not making the transfer from a bank, always check the https security code in the URL – a sign of trust
  • Make sure you enter bank and account details correctly when making a bank transfer.
    Fill in all the data when making the transfer (issuer, names, subjects etc.) so that, in the event of any problems, you have them as a reference
  • Keep an eye on the maximum amounts you are allowed to transfer by your bank, if it has them. If not, fix them yourself in order to avoid mistakes
  • Check with your online casino if they support the possibility of withdrawal and deposit by bank transfer

What are the advantages in using bank transfers?

  • It is a recognized and totally reliable method, and especially suitable for people with little experience in the online world, since it is a traditional payment type that can even be done physically in a bank
  • Absolute comfort, since you have the option of depositing from your branch, from your computer and even through your mobile phone
  • There will be no type of mistrust when making transfers, since they will be done through your bank with all the security that it offers you

What are the disadvantages of using bank transfers?

  • Delays in transfers. Transfers normally take several days to be effective after they are made
  • There may be commissions. Check with your bank and the online casino itself if you will be charged any type of commission when making a money transfer

How do you deposit funds in an online casino with bank transfers?

Access your account in the online casino where you play and enter the deposit section. There, you can choose the bank transfer option and start filling in the fields indicated by the casino.

Indicate, in addition to all the data related to the account and the amount to be transferred, your username. This will be key, so that the bank can detect you in its database and the deposit can reach your account safely.

The casino website will inform you of the time it will take for the payment to be made, and if any type of commission is charged. They will also give you their bank details for the transfer to work (the name of the trading company that runs the casino, their bank, and their account number).

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