About Us

An online casino player, whether experienced or amateur, usually needs the best information to make decisions when it comes to playing and putting their money at stake.

It is not a simple matter, since the possibilities are immense. For this reason, we at Casino Alto believe that the fundamental element is you. We are a website made by people and, more importantly, for people.

Above all, we believe that readers like you are the basis of this project, and we put our effort and dedication into bringing you the best information about online casinos available, as well as the best free games so that you can practice.

For this, we have extensive experience in the sector and highly qualified staff to offer the best quality guarantees.

About Casino Alto


Casino Alto was born with the idea of becoming a tool for any online player who needs detailed information about the best online casinos in Canada.

The Casino Alto team is made up of people with more than 10 years’ worth of experience in the iGaming and gambling sector, who have been actively working on it since 2007 while always betting on quality and dedication, and believing in what we do 100%.

During this journey, our team has worked for internationally renowned companies such as Ladbrokes Coral, The Stars Group and Rank Group, among many others.

All the knowledge accumulated over the years with these types of companies has been reflected here at Casino Alto, with continuous growth thanks to the hard work and number of users who have not stopped joining and taking interest since launch.

Our goal

Our first and last goal is to offer the best information to users so that they can play safely on the internet.

We try to make the most complete and exhaustive analysis possible of the online casinos that work with us. We are totally transparent, independent, and objective.

To be this, we carry out an extensive communication process with the online casino, and test ourselves as players there while looking in every corner for any information, both positive and negative, that may be useful for the user.

We do not keep anything hidden. What you read is all there is, no excuses.

For the user

Therefore, besides analysis, we offer extra information of high interest such as welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses or the possibilities of playing the live casino among several other sections.

But not only online casinos fuel Casino Alto. Another of our ideas was to help anyone who needs information about the rules of different casino games.

In this endeavor, we have built an extensive section on rules from scratch, with more than 40 rules explained in detail. Next to it, the strategy section turns users into roulette and blackjack experts, in two of the most represented casino games.

And to put all this into practice, there is a list with more than a hundred free games (roulette, cards, poker, slots etc), in which no type of download or registration is necessary.

Our team

Although the Casino Alto website has many people behind its creation, development and content, there are currently several people who make sure that everything works as it should.

Humberto Fernández – Casino Alto’s Webmaster.

Antonio Caro – Casino Alto Spain.

Míchel Cruz – Casino Alto Latin America.

Yael Rueda – Casino Alto Latin America.

Rodrigo Dias – Casino Alto Brasil/Portugal.

Carla M. Leal – Casino Alto Brasil/Portugal.

Tom Sanderson – Casino Alto Canada.

Ricardo Crespo – Casino Alto Canada.