Casino Welcome Bonus

4.7 ★C$3.000 C$20 Get It Now
4.6 ★C$1.500 + C$88 for free C$10 Get It Now
4.9 ★C$1.600 C$10 Get It Now
4.5 ★C$1.500 C$10 Get It Now
4.2 ★C$1.200 C$10 Get It Now
5.0 ★C$1.000 C$10 Get It Now
4.3 ★C$1.000 C$10 Get It Now
4.1 ★C$750 C$10 Get It Now
4.8 ★C$600 C$10 Get It Now
4.4 ★C$600 C$20 Get It Now

On this page, you will find the following information:

  • A list of the best welcome bonuses from Canadian online casinos
  • The types of casino bonuses you can get when you sign up and deposit
  • The general conditions of these types of online casino bonuses

The bonuses in the table above are for making the first deposit in each of the casinos.

Welcome bonuses are a deeply rooted marketing strategy in the online casino world.

They consist of the offer of money, which is not usually refundable real money, and with them the player can start their journey and try the different games that the online casino provides.

To a greater or lesser extent, almost all online casinos have a present prepared for newcomers.

Types of Welcome Bonuses

Registration gift bonuses

Not all casinos dare provide these types of gifts, since it implies that, in exchange for just having registered (entering valid data for it), they will already have a money bonus to play.

They are undoubtedly the most striking, though, and give the player the opportunity to make contact without feeling that he is still risking money. You can check the casinos that offer gift vouchers here.

First deposit bonuses

These bonuses are the most common. In exchange for a minimum initial deposit amount after the registration of the new user, a percentage of it is delivered in the form of a gift voucher.

The casino determines a minimum deposit in exchange for a percentage of the value you choose to deposit. It can be 50%, 100% or 200%.

With some casinos, the welcome bonus is offered in the form of a package, thus rewarding not only the first of the deposits, but also some of the subsequent ones. It seems like a good strategy since it encourages the player to make consecutive deposits within a certain period of time.

Bonus conditions

Bonuses respond to a fundamental premise: they are good for playing games, but do not contain real, withdrawable money.

Starting from this base, it can be assumed that, if we get benefits by playing with them (imagine that you get a jackpot or progressive jackpot), you would have to meet a series of requirements to be able to withdraw.

This set of prerequisites to the withdrawal of the benefits of a bond is called “release requirements” or “rollover.”

They usually involve several extremes:

  • You will have to put into play an amount in real money, calculated by applying a multiplier to the bonus obtained. If you have obtained a bonus of CAD50 and the release conditions imply to play it 20 times, you should play 50 * 20 = CAD1000 of real money before you can make a withdrawal
  • Do not withdraw money from the account until the requirements have been met, as this will void any earnings.
    Be attentive to the deadlines: both the use of the bonus and the period during which it can be released are limited, although enough time is usually allowed
  • Keep in mind that not all games will serve you the same when it comes to releasing a bonus. This means that if you are playing to release a bonus, you may have to apply a coefficient less than 1 to the amount wagered in a game (multiply by 0.25, for example). This is due to the difference in risks that are assumed with some games or with others. The most obvious case is that of roulette, in which depending on the type of bet you make, you can contribute in a very different way to the release of the bonus