Within the world of online casinos in Canada, we can find a wide variety of games that allow you to enjoy an authentic playing experience without leaving the house.

Even so, the concept of immersion can fall short many times, and the online game suffers from a certain lack of emotion. What is the best solution to this, then? Live casinos.

What is an online live casino?

Live casinos, or online live casinos, offer all the comfort and advantages of an online casino but with the added incentive of playing in the environment of a physical casino.

Before you, you will see a dealer who will put the game into play by dealing cards, spinning the roulette, and distributing prizes. It happens just like in a physical casino, but with the difference that you can play from wherever you want.

You will be able to see everything the dealer does, listen to all the sounds of the live casino, follow the play live, and even chat with the rest of the players – things that you cannot do in a basic online casino as everything is automated by software.

Within the options of live online casinos there are three types:

  • With a real dealer on the other line: It is the most common, with the dealer in a place set up for online broadcasting
  • Direct from a real casino: You will have the possibility to share games with people who are in the physical casino itself
  • Televised or broadcast: You will be able to participate in the game while you are on television

Advantages of playing in an online live casino

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There are many positive parts of playing in a live online casino, which increase and enhance the experience of gameplaying. We at Casino Alto wanted to list those that, from our point of view, are the most exciting for players.

It’s more exciting

Without a doubt, it is the greatest difference with respect to the usual online casino experience. You can feel like you’re in a real, physical casino, with real dealers running the game and opponents you can even see or talk to via live chat.

In online casino games, a certain part of the intensity of the physical casino is lost, making the game somewhat more automatic and mechanized.

Great prizes

It is another of the great incentives: the prizes and the type of game. This is especially the case in live casinos broadcast directly from a live physical casino.

The presence of players makes the games more dynamic, while also increasing the stakes. For this reason, we must advise you that, if you want to try your luck in the live casino, you should be cautious and not get carried away by the excitement of the game.

For this, a good option is to start with a no deposit casino bonus, where you will receive free money for the simple fact of registering and will be able to test your skills in the live casino.

Human croupiers

Forget the software of a computer program acting as a dealer through algorithms and programming. A person of flesh and blood just like you will be in charge of organizing and directing the game.

They are usually women who comply with the dress code just like in any physical casino you can visit. It is undoubtedly one of the most important points when it comes to shaping the live online casino, and increases the confidence of the players.

No downloads are required

Normally you can access the live casino from the online casino page itself, or from the mobile casino application that you have downloaded.

Therefore, you can play in exactly the same way as you play the rest of the content of your favorite online casino.

Live casinos game selection

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Live Roulette

Live Roulette is probably the most famous and most played game.

You will have before you the roulette itself with the famous ball, which the dealer will launch and spin live and direct. You can place your bets, and carry out your own strategies as if it were a physical casino.

Live Blackjack

If you can’t get enough of roulette, you can also try live blackjack.

Ask the dealer for cards, plan your plays, and analyze the cards of the rest of the opponents to bring you as close as possible to the number 21. It brings pure and hard emotion, from your computer or mobile.

Live Baccarat

Less well known than the other two games, but with a great legion of players behind it, is live baccarat.

Also known as Punto Banco, your mission as Punto Banco will be to beat the Banker’s hand by achieving better cards, with the 9-point hand being the best play. Not all live casinos have this game, so you will have to do your research.

Is it safe to play online live casinos?

Of course, playing in a live casino is completely safe, as long as you play with one that is legal in Canada.

You should not be afraid to enter your details with the online casino or any type of banking information. You will also maintain anonymity by playing with live dealers, an added advantage if that is what you are looking for.

As always, our recommendation is that you make sure you are in a safe online casino by reviewing all licenses and privacy policies, as well as terms and conditions. If there is something that seems strange, it is not a recommended live casino.